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  • Portuguese Chinese Bi-directional translation
  • Chinese-word pronunciation (Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Instant Translation with Mouse Tracking
  • Contains more than 10000 verbs, and able to recognize more than 50 forms for a single verb
  • Traditional key-input translation
  • Over 50000 Portuguese word and 100000 Chinese words in the database.
  • Chinese/English Windows 95/98/ME environment

About PCT ver 2.1

PCT 2.1 is the improved version of PCT 1.0. This new version of PCT has been improved and integrated with the following features:

  • Portuguese pronunciation
  • English Windows environment support
  • More accurate word capture in mouse tracking
  • Improvement in the content of Portuguese/Chinese dictionary

Point and Translate

The PCT makes use of the mouse tracking technology, allowing users quickly find out the meaning of a foreign word right under the mouse pointer. This function provides users the most convenient way to look up meanings of words during document reading, and thus increases the efficiency in reading foreign document. The mouse tracking function is compatible with most popular office applications and internet browsers. The accuracy has been greatly improved in this new version.

Speak in Multi-Languages

Regarding the complex conjugations of Portuguese verbs, the PCT language analyzer acts as an important role in the system. It is able to recognize up to 50 different forms of a single verb as it varies according to number, tense, etc.

Recognize Different Forms

Another feature of PCT is that the system provides pronunciations in Portuguese, Mandarin and Cantonese with the Voice Synthesis Technology. This particular function will accelerate the study in foreign language.

Support Chinese/English Windows Environments

The breakthrough of windows language limitation done by PCT 2.1 makes it possible to perform bi-directional translation between Portuguese and Chinese under both Western and Chinese language platforms. This version has been tested on Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME Chinese and English edition.

Bilingual User Friendly Interface

The PCT supports English and Chinese interface, is easy to install with its wizard interface and intuitive to user.


  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • Pentium 90MHz or faster
  • 32MB Memory
  • 70MB Free Space on Hard Drive
  • VGA with 256 Color Display
  • Multimedia Sound Card