In order to support small- and medium-sized enterprises in Macao during the epidemic, the University of Macau (UM) now allows free access to its UM-CAT, an online Chinese-Portuguese-English computer-aided translation platform. The platform can produce professional and smart full-text translation with a high degree of accuracy and is suitable for handling a large amount of translation projects involving Chinese, English, and Portuguese to improve translation efficiency. Those who are interested should email to nlp2ct to request free access to the system.

Developed by UM’s Natural Language Processing & Portuguese-Chinese Machine Translation Laboratory (NLP2CT), UM-CAT has multiple built-in functions, such as smart translation, translation memory, glossary management, and creating terminology databases. The system can also automatically identify previously used texts. It is suitable for individuals, government departments, and companies who need to handle a large amount of multilingual translation tasks in their daily work and will help to improve translation efficiency.

Compared to other online translation platforms, UM-CAT has a unique advantage, namely it does a better job of translating Macao-specific terminology, including street names, government departments, legal jargon, and other terms commonly used in Macao. Moreover, UM-CAT works in translation/proofreading/typesetting mode, which enables flexible division of labour on a case-by-case basis for easy management of different translation tasks. The system can effectively track the translation progress and review the final product to ensure efficiency, accuracy, consistency, and readability, thereby improving both translation quality and efficiency.

UM’s NLP2CT has long been involved in machine translation research. The laboratory has launched various innovative technologies, including the PCT, a Chinese/Portuguese translation system; the Um2T, an online interactive Chinese/Portuguese machine translation system; and the smart translation platform. Earlier, an English-Chinese machine translation system developed by UM received the top three prizes as well as the fifth prize at the constraint English-to-Chinese machine translation campaign organised under the 13th China Workshop on Machine Translation (CWMT 2017). To learn more about the UM-CAT system or to request free access to the system, please email to nlp2ct.




NLP2CT長期致力於機器翻譯研究,已推出“中葡通 PCT"、“Um2T中葡在線神經機器翻譯系統"、“智能翻譯平台"等多項創新的科研技術,其中的英中機器翻譯系統於第13届全國機器翻譯研討會主辦的“英中機器翻譯評測”大賽中,獲“受限語料"組別冠、亞、季及第五名多個獎項。如欲了解更多“UM-CAT"平台或使用,可電郵至nlp2ct與研究人員聯絡。

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