The oriental chapter of COCOSDA (The International Committee for the Co-ordination and Standardization of Speech Databases and Assessment Techniques) is pleased to announce that the 15th Oriental COCOSDA Workshop will be held during December 9-12, 2012 in Macau, China, jointly hosted by the University of Macau, Chinese University of Hong Kong and IEEE Hong Kong Chapter of Signal Processing. The annual Oriental COCOSDA international conference is the flag conference of Oriental COCOSDA. The first preparatory meeting was held in Hong Kong in 1997 and then the past fourteen workshops were held in Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Nepal and Taiwan.

The purpose of Oriental COCOSDA is to exchange ideas, share information and discusses regional matters on creation, utilization, dissemination of spoken language corpora of oriental languages and also on the assessment methods of speech recognition/synthesis systems as well as to promote speech research on oriental languages. The 2012 Oriental COCOSDA Workshop in Macau will continue to help boost the research and development in the field of Speech Technology as well as further enthuse the interests towards Speech Technology in East and Southeast Asia.

Macau is an extraordinary city. The distinct feature has been the fusion between the East and Western cultures for more than 400 years of history. Whatever the architectures, foods, or music you discover, Macau culture is all about fusion. In addition to its numerous historical and cultural heritages, Macau is also known worldwide as the Monte Carlo of the Orient and the Asian Las Vegas, one of the three largest cities for gambling in the world. You are cordially invited to attend Oriental COCOSDA 2012 and to discover amazing culture, fabulous food, fascinating heritage and great shopping and exciting nightlife in Macau.

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